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‘Gold standard’ forklift truck training courses

If you want to be a safe and efficient forklift truck operator – or want your employees to be – then training is critical. If the competency is there, then the risk of accident and injury is negated. As is the risk to any goods and property. Forkwise Northern in Wakefield can provide that training.

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Quality training for every kind of forklift truck

Here at Forkwise Northern, we provide a range of forklift truck training courses, including conversion courses. All are recognised nationally and you can apply either as an individual or on behalf of the company you represent. Our courses are available to clients across the UK. And our flexible schedule – with sessions available on weekdays, evenings and weekends – means you can arrange a training session for a date and time that suits you. Or the operational needs of your business.

A 99% pass rate means an almost guaranteed qualification

And even if things don’t go to plan, our FREE extra training sessions and FREE test resits mean there’s always another chance at getting that certification. All training is overseen by our MD Derek Berry, who has been in the industry for 43 years and is an expert in every type of forklift. As an RTITB, BRITTOp and ITSSAR-certified training service, we can promise a fully compliant, standardised training programme that accounts for every facet of competent forklift operation, including techniques and safety protocols.

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Safety is at the heart of our training

For the trainee. For the employees they work with. And for the equipment and goods that they’ll be transporting or navigating around. It’s why our courses are certified by the British Safety Council too. Proper use of a forklift means improved competence and reduced risk of accident. It also mitigates the risk of equipment damage and therefore the risk of any financial losses incurred by your employer or business. It’s a level of training that has earned us over 137 5* reviews on See our specialities below.

What do our forklift training courses cover?

warehouse worker driver in uniform loading cardboard boxes by forklift stacker loader
  • Refresher Course
    The Refresher Course is a 1-day course for a maximum of three trainees. Price on application.
  • The Novice Operator Basic Training Course
    The Novice Operator Basic Training Course is a 4-5 day course for trainees who are new to forklifts and who want to attain their operator certificate.
  • Conversion Training Course
    The Conversation Training Course is a 2-day cross-over course for individuals who already know how to operate a particular type of forklift and who want to learn how to operate a different type of forklift.
  • Experienced Operators’ Course
    The Experienced Operators’ Course is a 3-day course for trainees with forklift truck experience but no certificate. We provide a best price guarantee and the certificate is included as part of the course. Price on application.
  • Certificate Upgrades
    This is a 1-day course for those trainees who have an in-house forklift certificate but who want to be assessed for a recognised UK certificate that’s valid for any company.

What do others think?

Gold standard forklift training, friendly knowledgeable staff, ease you through the process of training really well. Will be returning for further training.

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For a FREE consultation on our forklift truck training courses, call Forkwise Northern on 07717 704937. We’re available Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.
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